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Don’t settle for qualified sales people who talk the talk but are not around on your service day. With Leatherface Tree Service you talk to a qualified arborist who shows up when the work is being performed. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate.

Your trees will thank you!

Our Tree Services

Where most tree services try to squeeze out a paycheck with excessive services, we only focus on what matters.

The tree services we proudly offer include:

  • Crane-Assisted Tree Removal
  • Emergency Tree Removal
  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Trimming (Tree Pruning)
  • Consultations
  • Construction Damage Mitigation
  • Tree Pest and Disease Control
  • Stump Grinding
  • Cabling & Bracing
  • Tree Aeration


When were not climbing trees for work were training for ISA Tree Climbing Competitions!

 Here is a video we made from ITCC in Denmark  - or you can read about it on our blog

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Certified Arborist On-Site (Dallas, TX)

From your initial consultation to the execution of the job, your trees are in the hands of ISA Certified Arborist, Richard Lavery.

Leatherface Tree Service goes above and beyond to ensure quality work and is on site at every job usually performing the work himself. This means that any work done on your trees will be handled professionally and guarantees your work is done right.

24/7 Emergency Tree Removal Services

Emergency tree removal is a critical service that is often required during the most inconvenient times. When trees are damaged by a storm and fall they pose a significant threat to your property and the safety of your family. When this happens - day or night - Were here to help!

We are the only emergency tree removal company in DFW with 2 cranes available 24/7.

You Don’t Pay for Overhead

One of the biggest ways our customers save money is our company’s smaller operation. We manage the Leatherface Tree Service with lower overhead and by staying small and keeping the owner involved in all aspects of the business.

Our business structure saves you money and ensures your trees are being cared for by someone who has made their health his priority.

On Top of Our Industry

Like any industry professional, arborists must remain up-to-date with industry news and practices. Our tree service professionals stay on top of their craft by completing continuing education credits provided by:

  • The International Society of Arboriculture
  • Arborjet
  • TCIA, and
  • Climbing and networking with other arborists.

We Are Honest About the Services You Need

The team at Leatherface Tree Service avoids selling you services you flat out don’t need. Larger companies with lots of overhead have to pay for their size somehow, and this usually involves offering you recurring services you don’t need like:

  • Scheduled fertilization
  • Aeration
  • Unnecessary pruning
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Tree Trimming

Trimming trees is both an art and a science. In order to make sure your trees are trimmed well you need a thorough understanding of what you’re telling the tree to do when you make each cut. This can’t be done correctly unless the person who knows how to do it is up there.

Untrimmed and intrusive trees can pose a physical threat to your property and its tenants. Our trimming and pruning services help you keep your property beautiful and safe throughout the year.


Tree Removal Service

Removing a tree can be a hard decision, especially mature ones. That’s why our certified arborist is here for you. If he can find a cost-effective way to keep the tree on your property, he will.

We will do everything in our power to provide you with all practical options, so you’re well informed and can make the right decision with regard to removing your tree.

Each tree is a complex puzzle to solve and our owner embraces the challenges, facing them head-on, with the equipment needed to handle your removal efficiently.


Insect and Disease Control

Identifying the cause and severity of insect infestations and other common diseases in the trees in North Texas takes years of study and experience. Sometimes, a routine pruning job leads to the discovery of signs that point to decay in the root system.

Oak wilt is another common problem in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Knowing when to prune and keeping an eye out for common symptoms is key to keeping your oaks healthy.

Once we determine your tree has oak wilt, we use state-of-the-art arborjet technology to treat the tree with desirable results.


I can’t tell you all how happy I am.

I can't tell you all how happy I am with the service I recieved from Leatherface Tree Service. Richard was quick to answer and help me get an estimate, answer all of my questions (which was a lot) and was sensitive to my family's emotional attachment to the family tree that had stood for 50 years. He took the time to show and explain to me the big problem, and let me take pictures while he worked. The stump grinding was so necessary, and not included in other quotes I had gotten from other companies. I HIGHLY recommend them, and can't thank Richard enough.

Stephanie Welsh

It was a perfect experience.

Richard asked for photos, sent over a few pictures of the tree, he quickly quoted me and by the end of the day the tree was gone. He was incredibly precise and tidy. It was a perfect experience.

Ziek Design

We were very impressed with the quality and quickness of work.

We were very impressed with the quality and quickness of work. They cut down three huge trees and trimmed our front yard tree. Only took a day and a half! Left no clipping, branches, or large logs. We would hire them again if we had more trees for them to cut! Highly recommend hiring them for any of your tree services!

Angela Berry

I wish all contractors were like him.

Richard, the owner/operator, did a fantastic, rapid, and fairly-priced job right after the North Dallas Tornado of '19. On-time, great work - so much so that I paid him an unsolicited bonus because his work was just so far above the norm in terms of quality and ease of interaction. I wish all contractors were like him. If he's available, use him.

Victor Vescovo

I highly recommend Leatherface.

Leatherface cut down our 50 plus year old pecan tree which had rotten from the inside. Despite the hot summer the team worked great and had it done within several hours. They also grinded out the stump. I highly recommend Leatherface.

Karolina Jones

I highly recommend Richard and his team!

I've used them for two years and I can't tell you how impressed I was with their pricing (upfront and transparent), service (always responsive), and product (looks awesome).

Justin Puckett

Incredibly professional and affordable.

Richard cleared out many branches on our pecan tree so our front yard could get more sunlight. He also got rid of dead/dying branches that were in danger of falling on our roof or the neighbors'. He was incredibly professional and affordable.

Margaret Karnowski

Carve into the Quality Care with Leatherface Tree Service

Don’t settle for convincing sales people who talk the talk but aren’t there for you on your service day. With Leatherface Tree Service, you get to talk to a qualified arborist and get the quality service you’ve been guaranteed.

If the quality of your trees matters to you, put your landscape in the hands of Dallas professionals. We are ready to give your trees some TLC. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and see what Leatherface Tree Service can do for you!

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