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Leatherface Tree Service was established in 2008 by owner Richard Lavery (ISA Certified Arborist TX-4305A). We are a full scale tree service including – tree trimming (tree pruning), tree removal, tree cabling and bracing, tree aeration, stump grinding, shrub trimming, and tree pest and disease control. Our tree service is sure to provide you with the best care in the industry. We use state of the art Arborjet technology for a wide variety of problems found in the trees of North Texas. Proper tree trimming and tree removal services require a great deal of skill both to be done safely (In the case of tree removal) and to be done correctly (in the case of tree pruning). ISA certification takes years of experience in the industry, rigorous study of the field of Arboriculture and ensures your project will be done right.

We are a small Tree Service so you have the opportunity to deal with the owner directly both over the phone and at the job site while enjoying the benefits larger companies give you like being fully insured and licensed. Right from the beginning Leatherface Tree Service had a vision of bringing a superior level of care to the arboriculture industry in Dallas. Our experience, management, and study of trees have put us above the competition in terms of knowledge while allowing us to price our services competitively.

Don’t trust your trees to just anyone with a chainsaw and a truck! Improper tree trimming shortens the life of your trees by removing too much internal growth and not reducing the spread of the tree. This causes trees to be susceptible to wind and ice damage. Saving a few bucks on the initial trimming can cost you dearly when branches brake and trees need to be removed! Tree removal is expensive and it takes years to replace a large shade tree.

Get the peace of mind that comes from trusting Leatherface Tree Service to properly maintain your trees in Dallas, Texas.

We provide free estimates on any of our services. Call today at 214-304-8084!

Featured Tree Services

Tree Trimming

Tree pruning is both an art and a science that has a great influence on your trees health and longevity. If tree trimming is done correctly and at the right time of year the health and safety of your trees will be drastically improved.

Call us for a free estimate for any size tree trimming project. Whether you have limbs interfering with utilities and structures, storm-damaged trees, limbs obstructing sidewalks and streets, hazardous or weak limbs, poor tree structure, or poor light filtration to beds or turf, a free consultation will help us determine the correct tree trimming plan for you!

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Stump Grinding

Old stumps are a ideal home for insects, hazardous to anyone enjoying your yard, and limit the efficiency of your landscape. We grind stumps to 1-3” below grade allowing your to work around it as the roots decompose. We want your landscape to be as safe as possible!

We have a small stump grinder to minimize the impact on your yard. We want to get the job done right just not at the expense of your landscape shrubs or grass. After safely grinding the stump and the surface roots we clean up all the excess debris leaving just a memory of your old tree.

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Tree Removal

Leatherface Tree Service is passionate about improving the health of the trees in Dallas. We also know that in some situations, tree removal is your best option. If you want to remove a tree for any reason. call us for a free estimate.

Sometimes because of construction or other landscape changes healthy trees need to be removed. If your not sure if tree removal is your best option call us to help you come up with alternate solutions that may save you money.

After your tree removal we can plant a new one that, in many cases, may be better suited for the area. We love trees and know that good site planning will save you money in the long run and allow you to get the most of your property.

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Cabling & Bracing

Sometimes an option to tree removal is Cabling and Bracing. Having trees with weak spots is a danger to your property and guests. If those weak spots are left unsupported and large branches break off they may cause damage to your house Injure your family or guests or you may need remove the tree. Call us today for your free estimate and get the peace of mind knowing your trees are safe.

Our cabling services use high strength cable to support weak branch unions and dangerous crotches in your trees. Weak branch unions have included bark and in some instances can be corrected by proper tree trimming and cabling. The cables we install are extra strength aircraft cable which minimize the risk the branch poses to your property. If cabling is combined with tree trimming, which lighten the load on the branch, trees can be safer and longer lived.

For weak crotches in the trunk we install a high grade threaded rod through both stems of the tree and bolt off each side. This technique is often used in conjunction with a cable higher in the tree and/or subordinating one of the limbs. When done correctly and in trees suitable and worthy of the investment you will enjoy your tree for years to come.

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Tree Aeration

Just like your house, the roots of the tree are its foundation. The roots bring large amounts of water and nutrients stored in the soil from the ground to the trees canopy. Often in Dallas, the clay soil gets compacted or built up around the root collar from construction or landscaping. This causes the phloem to suffocate by reducing the availability of water and nutrients vital to the tree.

To resolve this issue, Leatherface Tree Service uses mulch whenever practical, and in extreme cases an air-spade which loosens the soil without causing the damage to the small roots a shovel would.

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Tree Pest & Disease Control

Leatherface Tree Service uses integrated pest management when dealing with pests. This strategy takes into consideration all aspects of the trees heath starting with pruning and creating optimal soil conditions and nutrition to encourage proper plant growth. Periodic inspections are essential to detect pest infestations before they get out of hand.

As part of IPM we are trained to recognize beneficial insects that will help naturally suppress pest populations. When treatments are necessary, Leatherface Tree Service uses revolutionary Arborjet technology to inject a wide variety of chemicals into the phloem of the tree. Trunk injections move directly up through the phloem of the tree. This protects the surrounding people and the environment by only treating the tree. No spray drift or surface runoff to worry about giving you peace of mind you don’t cause further problems.

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Leatherface Tree Service Testimonials


We work very hard each day to keep the trust of Dallas, Texas while continuing to excel in our expertise, and it shows. See what our satisfied customers are saying about us!

  • I highly recommend Richard and his team! I've used them for two years and I can't tell you how impressed I was with their pricing (upfront and transparent), service (always responsive), and product (looks awesome).

    Justin Puckett / /

  • Leatherface cut down our 50 plus year old pecan tree which had rotten from the inside. Despite the hot summer the team worked great and had it done within several hours. They also grinded out the stump. I highly recommend Leatherface.

    Karolina Jones / /

  • Richard and his team were great to work with. Dependable and competitive prices. Would definitely work them again.

    mikekeller526 / /

  • Richard and his team are awesome. Very easy to work with, do a great job. Very professional, the lawn looks fabulous!! They also handled a large tree trim job for our client and it looks awesome. I recommend them!!!

    Julie Dailey / /

  • Richard cleared out many branches on our pecan tree so our front yard could get more sunlight. He also got rid of dead/dying branches that were in danger of falling on our roof or the neighbors'. He was incredibly professional and affordable. Highly recommend!

    Margaret Karnowski / /

5 Reasons Why Homeowners Should Remove a Dead Tree ASAP


While for some it make perfect sense, others may keep a dead tree in their back yard for months and even years before addressing the issue, sometimes a little too late.

Trees are beautiful and a great addition to every property. A fully grown tree ads beauty as well as function to any home, wheather it’s a decorative tree in the front yard or a large tree in the back yard that provides shade and another interesting corner the kids can explore. Trees also attract wildlife and have a positive affect on our wellbeing by reducing stress levels and making us feel part of nature instead of feeling cooped in a boxed yard with artificial fance.

While trees are a wonderful addition to our homes, they sometimes need to be removed due to varios reasons. Winter stormes can damage a tree, break branches and even topple it, when that happens a tree can become a hazard and may need to be removed completely. Natural disease can affect tree health and cause a tree to become so ill or dead it will need to be removed as well.

1. Dead Trees are not aestetic.

While a live heathy tree add beauty to your home, a dead tree does exactly the opposite. It makes your home look bad and neglected.

2. Can hurt the value of your home.

Looking to sell your home? You may want to remove the dead tree from your property first. Prospective buyers may lose interest if they see a dead tree on your property as they may feel it represents how you maintain your home and may walk away from a sale, so before you loose another prospective buyer, you may want to consider hiring a tree removal service to remove any dead trees from your property.

3. Will attract unwanted pests and bugs.

While heathy trees attract wildlife, dead trees attract a different kind, the kind no one wants to see arround, pests and bug infastations are extremely comon around dead and unheathy trees, these can further damage the tree and cause it to become unstable and a hazard to the property, but can also colonize the tree and reach your home as well.

4. Can become a fire hazard.

When a tree dies, it becomes extremely dry and therefor can eazily ignite by dry weather or other conditions. This is extremely dangerous if the tree is close to your home or over a parked car as it can danger the lives of those around it as well as neighboring properties as once a fire starts, it may spread to other properties and may make you responsibe for the damage due to neglegance. A tree removal company can easily prevent this by removing your dead tree including the tree stump.

5. May fall and damage your roof or hurt someone.

Dead trees loose their strength and are typically very week and unstable. A rotten or dry tree can break easily and fall and may cause roof or home damage, fall on a parked car or worse, it may fall on a person. Removing a dead tree is extremely important as you can probably imagine when it becomes a hazard to its surroundings.

Removing a tree is a hazardous operation and one that should only be performed by a licensed professional tree removal company

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