About Us

Leatherface Tree Service is a Dallas based, full-scale tree service that takes the guesswork out of your tree projects. Our intimate operation was established in 2008 by ISA Certified Arborist Richard Lavery.

Our Vision

Our vision at Leatherface Tree Service is to provide the Dallas area with superior quality and value in arboricultural services.

We accomplish our vision through:

  • The use of a certified arborist on site, usually performing the work himself
  • Low business overhead that saves our clients money
  • Only focusing on the services our clients need

Leatherface Tree Service goes out on a limb for you"

An ISA Certified Arborist with Years of Tree Service Experience

Our founder Richard Lavery is one of very few certified arborists that actually performs the work and has more than a decade of providing tree services to Dallas, Texas. We aren’t just a fly-by-night tree service that botches your trees for a paycheck. We approach our tree removal, tree trimming, plant health care, and more, with care and years of study and training on our side.

Through the use of state-of-the-art Arborjet® technology and the continued education on an evolving industry provided by the ISA and TCIA, Leatherface Tree Service is able to confidently provide our clients with the quality workmanship your trees deserve.

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Dedicated Smaller Business to Benefit Our Clients

We know that dealing with larger tree trimming companies can be a nightmare. From inexperienced "arborists" who try to sell you into unnecessary services, to having to pay another contractor to fix a botched job, the wrong choice in local tree services can cost you an arm and a leg!

Since we are dedicated to staying small, our customers have the opportunity to directly work with our owner for the duration of the job. From the start, Richard is there for you. He is the man you set your appointment with and will be the one on site that carries out the job, ensuring everything goes as discussed.


Get the Job Done Right with Leatherface Tree Service

Although we take pride in our low overhead, we don’t sacrifice quality. This is accomplished by operating with low overhead on most jobs but when you have a large scale technical job we have a network of skilled arborists through climbing competitions, trade shows, and social media.

All of our customers enjoy the benefit of a fully insured and licensed professional handling their trees. This means Leatherface Tree Service will put your mind at ease and get your tree project done right the first time. We are ready to take the horror out of your trees!

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