Tree Trimming

Tree trimming and tree pruning are the most important things you can do for your trees to keep them healthy and safe over the course of their lifetime.

Why does choosing a certified arborist matter?

The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certifies arborists with a certain level of knowledge, skill, and experience in the tree care industry. If you hire an ISA certified arborist, you are bringing that level of professionalism to address your tree trimming needs.

An ISA Certified arborist is knowledgeable in the biology, structure patterns, and health of your trees. Is your tree able to heal large wounds and pruning cuts? How will your tree be affected by tree pruning during certain times of the year? If you want to make sure your tree trimming needs are addressed in the most comprehensive way, you should call Leatherface Tree Service.

Hiring Leatherface Tree Service for regularly scheduled tree trimming services in Dallas, Texas will encourage proper branching structure and allow your trees to fair better during the intense Texas weather. Investing in the long-term health of your trees will give you a pleasing and safe landscape for years to come.

Dangers of Neglect

Trees are dangerous if they aren’t maintained properly. There are various conditions that may lead to tree failure and damage to the structures and people below:

  • Heavy limbs can split and if the tree loses too much of its crown, it may start to die
  • Neglected trees may have rotting cavities or dead limbs
  • Limbs may grow too long and become weak (especially if pruned incorrectly)
  • Parasites, such as mistletoe
  • Branches may damage your roof, fence, or other structures by rubbing on them
  • Branches may rub against each other, leaving open wounds that can invite insect infestation, breakage, or disease
  • Low hanging branches allow squirrels and animals to get into your house and your attic

Costs of Poor Tree Trimming

Proper pruning is the most critical job an arborist has. Many people choose to go with a tree ser-vice with less experience because they think it will cost less. Although a quick and cheap service is attractive at first, the cost of poor pruning can lead to expensive remedial solutions down the road.

There are hidden costs to poor tree trimming that range from costly fixes to losing a tree entirely. Poor practices like lion’s tailing, over-thinning, and heading cuts on large branches are not only costly to fix, but if left unaddressed, may leave your tree susceptible to breakage, dis-ease, or total loss.

We understand the cost of tree care can seem intimidating, but poor tree trimming can be much costlier in the long run.

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