Emergency Tree Removal

One of the most devastating situations any homeowner could face is a heavy dose of mother nature. In Texas, the weather can get unpredictable, and your yard faces threats that include:

  • Tornadoes
  • Wind Damage
  • Snow and ice

If your home has been struck by a storm that leaves your trees in shambles, our Certified Arborist and owner, Richard Lavery, can help you take back control with our emergency services.

We have 2 cranes available 24/7

Unstable trees and suspended branches left after a storm are some of the most complicated puzzles to solve for any tree worker. This is when you need a certified arborist the most. Leatherface Tree Service has 2 different sized cranes available to safely clean up the mess and help you start the process of rebuilding.

Don’t make your problem worse by hiring unqualified “tree guys”. Additional damage to your property or trees can cost you more in the long run. Finding the cheapest tree guy around is all too often a big mistake when so much is at stake.

There is no emergency tree situation too large or too small. When you call for help, Lavery and the team are prepared to pick up the pieces.

We work with your insurance

The experience we have gained from hurricanes, tornadoes, and wind damage sets us apart from others in the industry. We handle around 100 insurance claims a year and use that experience to help you!

Leatherface Tree Service is Dallas’s one-stop-shop for efficient, professional, tree solutions! We are licensed, insured, and have workers compensation ensuring you are protected when you choose us.

We aren’t just a guy with a truck and a chainsaw. Leatherface Tree Service is one of Dallas’ leading tree surgeons who can help you weather the storm of damaged or fallen trees.

Find out why we are one of Dallas’ most trusted emergency tree removal providers. If your home has downed trees or branches, Leatherface Tree Service will help you get your property back in shape again!

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