Stump Grinding

Nothing screams “home” for unwanted insects and pests like an old stump.

Stumps present physical hazards and the invitation to insects that can make their way into a home or adjacent trees. Let us help you make your landscape as safe as possible with our stump grinding services.

We grind stumps with a smaller stump grinder than most other tree services. It takes a bit longer to get the stump out but our machine is low impact, ensuring that at the end of the day, your lawn remains intact and your stumps are ground 1-3 inches below grade.

Another benefit of our stump grinding service is that we don’t leave behind huge piles of wood chips from the stump grinder. No one wants to deal with wood chips once they paid good money to have the tree removed and the stump taken out.

Our stump grinding services have minimal impact on your yard and leave you without an old stump tripping up the fun!