Construction Damage Mitigation

The best way to preserve your trees during construction is to avoid damage in the first place.

This requires extensive knowledge of trees and their root systems so a mitigation plan can be implemented with a clear goal in mind.

Once the construction starts and heavy equipment arrives, the soil is constantly shifted and can easily become compacted. This compacted clay soil can build up around the roots of your tree and drastically reduce its access to water and essential nutrients.

We reduce the impact construction has on your property by:

  • Identifying trees that will be affected
  • Installing barriers where possible to avoid traffic in the root zone
  • Installing trunk protection to prevent large wounds on the trunk
  • Adding mulch or other media to prevent soil damage if the space is needed around the root zone during construction

Sometimes damage to your trees can still happen even with the best planning. If the soil around your trees still gets compacted, we use an air-spade or radial trenching to loosen back up the soil without causing the damage to the small roots that a shovel would. If the tree has broken, jagged branches or trunk damage we will do what it takes to ensure your trees survive for years to come.