Cabling & Bracing

Maintaining good tree health and branching structure is the central focus of all the services we offer at Leatherface Tree Service.

While this is regularly accomplished by an arborist training the tree to grow properly over time, we understand many homeowners inherit large neglected trees and are looking to ensure they live as long as possible. Our cabling and bracing services are a way to add strength to weak crotches or limbs with poor taper. A supported limb often makes up such a large portion of the tree crown that the tree could not survive without it.

Cabling and bracing is done in conjunction with pruning to give your tree the stability it needs to reach maturity. Our cabling and bracing services create stability through:

  • The installation of a high-grade threaded rod to ensure lasting stability for splitting trunk sections
  • The installation of extra high strength cables higher up in your tree support weak crotches or branches with poor limb taper

Although cabling or bracing can give your tree more stability and decrease the risk of failure, the risk can never be completely eliminated, especially under the stress of the intense Texas weather. If your tree has cables or braces, it is important to check them on a yearly basis.

Not all trees are good candidates for cabling as they may be too weak or in an area where the risk of failure is too great. Request a free quote from Leatherface Tree Service and meet with Richard in person to discuss your options. Once we decide your tree is a good candidate for cabling we’ll give you a quote and set your service day.