Tree Pest & Disease Control

Identifying the cause and severity of insect infestations and other common diseases in North Texas trees takes years of study and experience.

There are many examples where tree work requires the eyes of a professional to detect disease or decay.

We may show up at a property for a routine pruning job, walk the site, and find mushrooms around the base of the tree. While this seems like a harmless nuisance, it can be a sign of extensive decay in the root system, and could even require the tree to be removed immediately to prevent the tree from falling on the house.

Other times we may get a call about a tree “not looking good.” Once we inspect the tree we find no obvious causes of distress but notice a new driveway nearby. After a discussion with the homeowner, we find out that a new driveway and irrigation system were installed and a large portion of the root system has been cut during the digging and trenching process. In this case, we might recommend a few years of fertilization, correcting poor drainage, and aeration, which may spring the tree back to life.

Oak wilt is another common problem in DFW. Knowing when to prune and keeping an eye out for common symptoms is key to keeping your oaks healthy. Once we determine your tree has oak wilt, we use state if the art Arborjet® technology to treat the tree with good results.

When you need tree work, it is critical to bring in a professional who knows what to look for. That is why at Leatherface Tree Service, ISA Certified Arborist Richard Lavery is there to do the work every time.