5 Reasons Why Homeowners Should Remove a Dead Tree ASAP

Posted - April 2, 2020

While for some it makes perfect sense, others may keep a dead tree in their back yard for months and even years before addressing the issue, sometimes a little too late. Trees are beautiful and a great addition to every property. A fully grown tree adds beauty as well as function to any home, whether it’s a decorative tree in the front yard or a large tree in the backyard that provides shade and another interesting corner the kids can explore. Trees also attract wildlife and have a positive effect on our wellbeing by reducing stress levels and making us feel part of nature instead of feeling cooped in a boxed yard with an artificial fence. While trees are a wonderful addition to our homes, they sometimes need to be removed due to various reasons. Winter storms can damage a tree, break branches, and even topple it, when that happens a tree can become a hazard and may need to be removed completely. Natural diseases can affect tree health and cause a tree to become so ill or dead it will need to be removed as well.

1. Dead Trees Are Not Aesthetic

While a live healthy tree adds beauty to your home, a dead tree does exactly the opposite. It makes your home look bad and neglected.

2. Can Hurt the Value of Your Home

Looking to sell your home? You may want to remove the dead tree from your property first. Prospective buyers may lose interest if they see a dead tree on your property as they may feel it represents how you maintain your home and may walk away from a sale. So before you lose another prospective buyer, you may want to consider hiring a tree removal service to remove any dead trees from your property.

3. Will Attract Unwanted Pests and Bugs

While healthy trees attract wildlife, dead trees attract a different kind, the kind no one wants to see around, pests and bug infestations are extremely common around dead and unhealthy trees, these can further damage the tree and cause it to become unstable and a hazard to the property, but can also colonize the tree and reach your home as well.

4. Can Become a Fire Hazard

When a tree dies, it becomes extremely dry and therefore can easily ignite by dry weather or other conditions. This is extremely dangerous if the tree is close to your home or over a parked car, as it can danger the lives of those around it as well as neighboring properties as once a fire starts, it may spread to other properties and may make you responsible for the damage due to negligence. A tree removal company can easily prevent this by removing your dead tree including the tree stump.

5. May Fall and Damage Your Roof or Hurt Someone

Dead trees lose their strength and are typically very weak and unstable. A rotten or dry tree can break easily and fall and may cause roof or home damage, fall on a parked car, or worse, it may fall on a person. Removing a dead tree is extremely important, as you can probably imagine when it becomes a hazard to its surroundings. Removing a tree is a dangerous operation and one that should only be performed by a licensed and professional tree removal company.

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